Scientific Assessment

The foundation of every great oncology product is the underlying science. At J.T. Gram & Associates, our team of consultants are expert at delving deeply into the scientific underpinnings to understand the targets, pathways, and mechanisms of action that form the essential beginnings of product differentiation. We strive to find multiple points of reference in the scientific literature to guide our thinking about the key subject matter that in turn informs our basis for recommending initial product strategy.

Over the course of our engagements, the J.T. Gram & Associates team reviews dozens of articles authored by the preeminent thought leaders in each disease state. We’re discriminating in that we’ll only include papers that have been fully vetted and appear in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications.

In addition, patent review is important at this stage. Without the prior authorization of the patent owners, the risks of being accused of infringement are extremely high. This is why many companies, prior to launching a new oncology product, and often even prior to initiating a new line of research, seek to minimize the risk of infringement by understanding their freedom to operate, ensuring that the commercial production, marketing and use of their new product or process does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

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