Market Research

At J.T. Gram & Associates, we begin our discovery phase with deep-dive secondary research. We want to make sure our knowledge is as current as possible so we can provide you with the most up-to-date guidance to drive results. As oncology professionals, we know the data sources and the value each brings to the equation. Because of the inherent complexities of the relevant resources we often triangulate data points as a basis for our conclusions from secondary research.

Secondary research informs the “what” and primary research informs the “why”. Over the years, we’ve conducted hundreds of interviews with Patients, Caregivers, Physicians, Nurses, Payers, and Pharmacists to better understand how company decisions might impact each of the stakeholders along the continuum of care, from both a practice perspective but also a financial perspective.

Primary qualitative research can involve learning what the Key Opinion Leaders think about your product in relation to the competition, and it can help you avoid costly mistakes. Understanding how and when Community-based Physicians will incorporate your products into the treatment algorithm can help you maximize your product’s potential.

Our quantitative research capabilities can extend into hard to reach populations. While some might say an “n” of 40 is too small for quantitative research, one must consider the size of the universe to which one is trying to project. After all, many oncology disease populations are truly rare disorders.

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