Market Research

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Evidence-based insights that drive value.

Strategic Decision Support

Business Analytics and Intelligence

We’re a global team of 40 consultants who have nurtured, launched, and grown many of the best-known brands in oncology including: Avastin®, Herceptin®, Rituxan®, Neupogen®, Neulasta®, Aranesp®, Revlimid® Velcade®, Cyramza® and many more.

Since 2003, we have been helping oncology-hematology companies make better strategic and tactical decisions. We do this by providing timely, accurate, and actionable information and analyses with specific recommendations and conclusions. We leverage our oncology industry knowledge and experience to help oncology companies stay informed, prioritize their pipelines, grow their brands, and get deals done.

Scientific Assessment

Even at the earliest stages of development, accurate commercial perspectives can point your company in the right direction for success.

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Disease Area Overview

We gather key insights into the epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, treatment algorithm and clinical sequelae of a disease state.

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Competitive Market Assessment

Understanding the dynamics of competitive companies and products helps characterize the size of your product’s potential.

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Pipeline Analysis

Identifying the path of least resistance can shorten the development time and quicken your time to market.

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Portfolio Planning

Product development is a long and expensive process. Evidence-based program comparisons can optimize your portfolio.

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Market Research

Listening to your customers and other key stakeholders can help you avoid
costly mistakes.

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Forecasting and Valuation

Estimating patient volumes, market penetration, cost of therapy, and revenues
to drive value.

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Business Development and Licensing

We have the experienced team needed to respond to BD&L requirements

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